about HH

Hitomi Honda is a pianist from Japan.  She started piano at age of 5 but quit at age 17. After ten years blank,  she decide to study  the piano again when she heard Emanuel Ax’  solo performance  at Carnegie Hall.  Her contempo-music performances begun with an electroacousitc music composer Akio Mokuno in 2013 right after receiving the master degree in piano performance from Brooklyn College.

Hitomi mostly loves works of Baroque period (Bach) and New York School. Her performance of Earle Brown’s work Fourmore at Make Music New York in 2016 was reviewed by Anthony Tommashini in New York Times [New York Times Review]. He wrote “Earle Brown’s complex, pointillist “Fourmore,” a solo work incisively played by Ms. Honda.   She currently focusing on her project, Sound Traffic Series where new composers from unique background bring their personal sounds. At the same time, researching on Baroque keyboard music. Stay tuned.



現代音楽ピアニスト。ジョンケージを筆頭とするNew York Schoolの作品や対象かつ共通点をも包含するバロック音楽の研究、演奏に加え、現代に活躍する才能ある作曲家の作品演奏を行う。サウンド・トラフィックという作曲家のためのプロジェクトを立ち上げ活動中。



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